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Web Marketing

Richard Rossi

Google Hangouts & WordPress: Web Promotion in the modern world

Life is strange. To folks like me who are older than dust, the idea of sharing my life with total strangers over social media is just plain, well….strange. As a result, I rarely feel the compulsion to log onto Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + to discuss strategies to stay regular or share what joint aches [...] read more »

Josh Combs

How Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies Have Illuminated Collaborative Computational Tasks

Cryptocurrencies are not really a very new thing. They have been around in various forms now for several years, but have gained popularity with Bitcoins which were the first cryptocurrencies to be traded back in 2009. Rather than start a post about that, I wanted to look at a different point that has been trending [...] read more »

Garrett Osepchuk

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Web Design

I spend a lot of time inside and outside of work studying design. I think it gets to a point for everyone where design becomes difficult to ignore, as it influences our every day decisions. It’s important to understand design elements and how they not only affect you on a day to day basis, but [...] read more »

Austin Fadely

Critical Lessons from Facebook in Modern Marketing

Approaching its 10 year anniversary as a platform, Facebook has come a long way from the dorm rooms at Harvard. Despite its humble beginnings as a social sharing site for undergrads, Facebook has expanded and matured to be the number one social site in the world with apps, a marketplace, and even its own currency. [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

9 Basic Google Analytic Terms You Should Know

After a few client meetings, I realized that some of our clients don’t know the basic “GA lingo” that we use in our reports. It seemed like I was having to explain certain terms over and over, which to me seemed odd but then again I do this for a living so I’m supposed to [...] read more »


Web Marketing and Customers

I am officially 20% done with my internship at Beacon Technologies. I have learned a copious amount of information. I am glad to have Richard as a mentor for this internship. I have already learned a lot from just him only in 2 weeks. The Beacon NetCafe event is coming along nicely. I have researched [...] read more »

Beacon News

Get SMAART with Beacon at IRCE 2012

We are excited to attend the upcoming IRCE Conference in Chicago. The 8th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibitions is expected to bring in more than 7,500 e-retailing executives who are going to learn the latest practices and tools for connecting with the 21st Century consumer. There will be over 175 speakers and 100 separate sessions all talking about such [...] read more »


The Importance of Website Design and Branding

So my first week at Beacon Technologies is coming to a close, and I have not been scared off yet! Everyone is very nice and welcoming at this company. I look forward to working with the Beacon team for the next 9 weeks. So far I have been mostly planning for the implementation of Beacon [...] read more »

Andrea Cole

Making Google Analytics Easier: Create a Custom Report to See Goal Completions, Not Just Conversion Rate

It will soon be a year since the massive update to Google Analytic’s dashboard and reporting interface. And while the grumbling over what was lost and what can’t be found has settled a bit, there are still certain features in GA that we are accustomed to seeing but don’t now. And one of the biggest, [...] read more »

Jeff Pickle

What happened to “Web Marketing”?

I checked out Insights for Search and was a little confounded about what I saw  for some industry terms. “web marketing” search volume is trending down “internet marketing” search volume is trending down “search engine marketing” search volume is trending down   Take a look at “web marketing” in Insights: Click to Enlarge And, according [...] read more »