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Web Development

Keana Lynch

Progressive Enhancement

I had the privilege of attending “An Event Apart” in Austin, TX this week and feel like I have come home with an abundance of knowledge about leading practices in web development. This conference is an educational session for those passionate about standards-based web design and this year focused heavily on best practices for our [...] read more »

Annette Fowler

Preparing for your responsive design project

Beacon recently released a good number of very nice responsive websites (University of the Virgin Islands, University of Scranton, Whitman School of Management, Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, Beacon Technologies), and I thought I’d jot down some things that I learned as a part of these projects that might be useful for others as they prepare [...] read more »

John Vine

3rd Party Plugins, A Cautionary Tale

One of the many questions you’ll have to answer when developing your website will be whether to use custom built in house solutions or easy to integrate 3rd party systems. It’s certainly easy enough to say that the cost of most 3rd party solutions will be lower than custom built software, but lets explore what [...] read more »


How to Override the Max Width of Twitters Embeddable Timeline Widget

According to twitters instructions the embeddable timeline widget has a maximum width of 520px. If you need your widget to be wider than 520px you will not be able to use the width attribute. Instead you will need to override it using custom CSS.

Annette Fowler

Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization in AspDotNetStorefront

Aspdotnetstorefront offers lots of great search engine optimization opportunities (including the ability to pretty quickly add Google Analytics tracking to the entire site) which is one of the primary reasons that Beacon selected it as our go-to eCommerce platform many years ago. However, the resources to set up these items are scattered about a bit, so I [...] read more »

Beacon News

NCTA Responsive Redesign Launch

Beacon Technologies is excited to announce the launch of NCTA’s responsive site redesign at! The site was already in Cascade, but Beacon’s team helped to redesign the existing site with slight graphic changes and adopt a fluid grid layout. Our development team helped implement a new “rounded” look and highlight key areas of the [...] read more »

Rick Boccard

Beacon Client Provides a More Sustainable Future

Beacon and the team recently met with our long-time partners, VecoPlan.  VecoPlan develops, produces and sells superior systems and machines for shredding, conveying and processing which are primarily used in the recycling process.  Beacon is VecoPlan’s web management partner.  We have been successfully providing design, development, managed hosting and digital marketing services for many years [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

Beacon Technologies Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation

Greensboro, NC, March 1, 2013 According to CEO Mark Dirks, Beacon Technologies was nothing more than “an idea – a plan to form a web development company” when he joined forces with John Scaramuzzo (COO) 15 years ago. Today Beacon has turned a small web technology team with a local focus into one with a national reach. [...] read more »

Annette Fowler

Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management, Cascade Site launch

This striking new Cascade site was launched on January 4, 2013:  Beacon completed a lot of excellent custom development on this site including the following: Develop a new website for the school using design templates provided by a third party design firm “Extended” top nav menu system that displays sub-level pages in a formatted [...] read more »

Keana Lynch

HTML5 Definition Complete!

Two years ago I wrote a blog about “HTML5 the future of the web?” and now the future of the web is here. On December 17th, 2012 the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) published the complete definition of the HTML5 specifications. “Though not yet W3C standards, these specifications are now feature complete, meaning businesses and developers [...] read more »