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Jordan Burleson

How To Leverage Google+ For Your Business

The fact that you actually clicked this link and have started reading this post makes you a little different. It makes you a “Thinks Outside The Box” business person. It makes you that guy or girl that jumps ship from the Apple Ipod to a Microsoft Zune (yes, I said Microsoft Zune). The main difference [...] read more »

Jeff Pickle

How does Google use click through rates?

Google Avoids the Question Although click-through rates are  believed to be a signal, Google has never directly said that click-through-rates are utilized for the purpose of search rankings.  Google has been rather obtuse about the subject. “In the context of organic search results, your click through rate is how often people click on your site [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Engaging Users in Social Media

Almost every site uses some type of social media to help their brand awareness and what they are trying to achieve with a large audience. The most popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube can help boost your ranking and audience if integrated properly. One way to achieve engagement of [...] read more »

Annette Fowler

Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization in AspDotNetStorefront

Aspdotnetstorefront offers lots of great search engine optimization opportunities (including the ability to pretty quickly add Google Analytics tracking to the entire site) which is one of the primary reasons that Beacon selected it as our go-to eCommerce platform many years ago. However, the resources to set up these items are scattered about a bit, so I [...] read more »


Social Media Best Practices

Now that we have been practicing for some time, we are aware of good (and, bad) ways to employ social media. Opinions will vary about the “best of the best”. That is the beauty of the web, it always changes. From a book summary I read on social media, here are some of the best [...] read more »

Annette Fowler

Google Correlate

As a software development project manager at Beacon, I’m also proud to say that I’m both an NPR and data geek, so I was elated to hear a story this week that united all of my passions:  Google Searches Are A Window Into Our Culture.  The tool “Google Correlate” is actually a fascinating window into [...] read more »


Google is Wrong? Platforms vs. Products – an Explanation

Last week, the world of social media was temporarily rocked by an accidental leak from a Google employee (the world of social media moved on quickly because that is what social media does).  Steve Yegge wanted to vent some opinions on Google+ in an internal memo, but accidentally made the post public.  To their credit, [...] read more »

Beacon News

News from The Google Analytics Partner Summit

Beacon’s own Brad Henry is doing a Google Analytics user survey with one of the GA staff at The Google Analytics Partner Summit in Mountain View CA!  

Annette Fowler

Google search, map and mail tips and tricks

Found a super article on “How to Google Like Google Googles” at PCWorld today.  Here are a couple of my favorites tips: It is a constant battle with my middle and high school students to get them to use “authoritative sources” for school work (“but Mooooom, EVERYONE uses Wikipedia and my teachers don’t care!”).  Having [...] read more »


The Web in 60 Seconds

The internet is an ever-growing jungle of information.  I found this graphic depicting some of the common activities on the web and the number of occurrences they appear every minute. Facebook, the social networking giant, has 695,000 status updates, almost 80,000 wall posts, and over half a million comments posted every minute.  By the time [...] read more »