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Google Analytics

Richard Rossi

Recording & Monitoring Call Center Transactions

If your business sells its products or services through a call center, then you know the importance of recording and monitoring Call Center transactions. Firstly, it can be a requirement to ensure regulatory compliance, depending on the space in which the business operates. Even if it isn’t required for compliance, it is necessary if you [...] read more »

Brad Henry

The reality of Universal Analytics Tracking Offline Conversions:

By now you’ve heard the hype that Universal Analytics was designed to track users and all their interaction including offline conversions. While Universal Analytics does provide additional measurement capabilities, it is important to understand what those are and what the challenges are with implementing these. Universal Analytics essentially assigns a visitor with a unique ID [...] read more »

Beacon News

GAFUSION – Tie Enrollment To Digital Marketing Efforts

What’s Driving Student Enrollment? Discover what marketing efforts are driving applications AND enrollment Understand the true impact of your marketing strategy Get more from your marketing budget Centralize your data to create a more cohesive marketing strategy Beacon Technologies, Inc.   -   (866) 488-3620

Brad Henry

Measuring Offline Transactions in Google Analytics

Many businesses with revenue channels other than just their website struggle to attribute the value of their online marketing efforts to the revenue produced through these other channels. Tying your offline transactions or conversions such as transactions through a call center or through a brick and mortar retail location back to digital marketing efforts has [...] read more »

Beacon News

Beacon Technologies’ new GAFUSION product centralizes analytics for both online and offline transactions

  Greensboro, NC. – Beacon Technologies officially announces the production release of its GAFUSIONTM product – the only turnkey offline/online integrator of its kind for Google Analytics. After nearly a year in development and beta testing, Beacon’s CEO, Mark Dirks, was excited to announce the launch of GAFUSION, seeing it as the synthesis of all [...] read more »

Brad Henry

17 Year Stock Market Cycle Theory

In my job I wear many hats and understanding data and information is a key part of what I do. My interest in understanding data doesn’t always get confined to website and marketing activity. I’ve written post in the past about data analysis on cycling training activity to stock predictions with Google Trend data. It’s [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Things To Be Thankful For In Web Design & Digital Marketing

On this, the eve of the fourth Thursday in November, many are gathering with family and friends to reflect on those things we hold near and dear, and to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. Here at Beacon we are no different, and as we all begin to depart for our holiday excursions [...] read more »

Brad Henry

2013 Google Analytics Summit in Pictures

I’ve finally had a chance to upload some images from the 2013 Google Analytics Summit. I flew out there on Sunday this year and got the chance to go hiking before the summit started so the first half of the album are shots from the summit at the computer history museum and the second half [...] read more »

Beacon News

Beacon Invited to Google Analytics Summit this Week

For the 7th straight year, representatives from Beacon were invited to the Google Analytics Summit being held in Mountain View CA this week.  Brad Henry, Beacon’s Director of Digital Marketing, is there this week with hundreds of other Google Analytics Certified Partners from around the world.  This year, Google limited the number of invitees as [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

Google+ Brand Pages Add Analytics & Other Social Media News

Social marketing for brands is becoming a necessity. For link building, content creation, engagement and even increasing site traffic, social media brand pages are incredibly useful and free at the basic level. Facebook and Twitter pages have been important and valuable to businesses since the social boom several years ago. Now the addition of Pinterest, [...] read more »