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Annette Fowler

Annette Fowler
Annette Fowler is a project manager and business analyst at Beacon that specializes in ecommerce. She joined the team in 2007 and has nearly twenty years of IT experience. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and is a black belt in tae kwon do. Connect with Annette on Google+

A High School Senior’s Advice for University Websites

It feels like my high school senior and I have digested hundreds of university websites in the last two years in the quest to find her “perfect school”. She’s finally settled on one (GO WILDCATS!) and with that decision made, I recently asked her suggestion on a university website feature that really was helpful or [...] read more »

Caribbean Green Technology Center microsite launched!

Beacon launched another University of the Virgin Islands microsite yesterday at Like the previously two launched UVI microsites, this site has the main UVI site branding, with its own color scheme and special features like: Developed and maintained in Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server content management system Fully responsive design optimized for desktop, tablet and [...] read more »

University of Hartford launches two new communication sites

Beacon recently assisted longtime partner, the University of Hartford, with the development and launch of two new Cascade “sub-sites” that will serve as communication portals for the University. Unotes Daily shares campus announcements on a daily basis with the campus community and allows external visitors to submit announcements of their own for publication. Unotes Extra is [...] read more »

How to tell your client you like them… An ode to Valentines Day

It is Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling all cozy and romantic. I’m also the mom to teenagers and inevitably hear some variation of the following around this time of year, “How do you tell a guy/girl that you like them?”  So, what better theme for my blog this week than a valentine to show our [...] read more »

Beacon launches UVI microsites

Beacon is proud to announce the launch of two “microsites” for the University of the Virgin Islands today.  The new Community Engagement and Lifelong Learning (CELL) Center ( and Safety in Paradise ( websites boast the lovely tropical design of the main University of the Virgin Islands website, with customized color schemes and functionality to [...] read more »

A Calendar for Your Website

When planning for a calendar on your website, there are a number of factors to take into account.  Each of the bullets below contains examples of calendar projects with which Beacon Technologies has had direct involvement in analysis and design and/or development and integration. Mobile-friendliness– Check your website analytics to determine the frequency in which [...] read more »

Holyoke Gas & Electric Redesign Launched!

Beacon Technologies is very proud to announce the launch of the new Cascade site for Holyoke Gas & Electric at! This site is visually a dramatic improvement over the old. BEFORE AFTER It also incorporates the following fantastic functionally: Responsive Design– The new site is a lovely, colorful responsive design, that looks great in [...] read more »

Terms you need to know for your website redesign (updated)

A couple of years ago, I posted my first “Website Redesign Terms You Need to Know“, but it could use some updating based on new technologies. Please enjoy! Accordion– Specialized content area that opens to display information in expand/contractible rows. Bucket– Specialized content area to display information in boxes with headings and specifically sized photos. [...] read more »

Pre-launch testing and

I ran into this article today “Contractors describe scant pre-launch testing of U.S. healthcare site” and, politics aside, I can’t help but feel for the contractors involved.  In my 20+ year IT career, I’ve run into multiple projects where the timeline and budget get squeezed beyond recognition and the pre-launch testing phase becomes the final [...] read more »

Replacements for iGoogle

It is with a heavy heart that I will mourn the passing of my old friend iGoogle on Nov 1, 2013.  This announcement was made by the Google gods months ago and I really thought there would be an update by now of some spiffy new alternative, but none seems to be in the works. [...] read more »