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Liz Pagano

Google AdWords Upgraded URLs: A Quick Guide

In February, Google announced a major change to how landing page URLs will be managed in AdWords. If you manually tag your URLs, listen up! Old Way:             Landing Page URL + Tracking Parameters = Destination URL. Since your tracking code and landing page URL are combined, any change in tracking code sends your ad [...] read more »

Richard Rossi

Can Humor Boost Online Sales?

We know that humor gets people’s attention. It can be the optimal user experience. Just look at how audience demographics change for the biggest annual football games and ask people why they watch. According to a recent survey, over 75% of Super Bowl viewers were more interested in the commercials than the game. Of those [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Case Study: Conversion Rate Increases Through the Use of Google Audience Remarketing

Increases New User Conversion Rates by Directly Targeting and Advertising Post Website Departure. Challenge:  The client wanted to increase orders from the new registrants coming to the website. Statistically, visitors would come to the site and register but would often not place an order within thirty days. Customers who registered and did not place an order within [...] read more »

Josh Combs

Top 3 Signs You Need An IT Provider

In today’s growing IT economical tech world what are some considerations that may cause you to entertain the idea of having a dedicated IT provider? Even though there are a myriad of reasons to consider a dedicated IT provider, I am going to address three of the primary reasons we normally hear from clients. 1. Infrastructure [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Case Study: Traditional Furniture Company Builds Momentum through Social Media

Twitter Link Building Campaign and Facebook Giveaway Engages Fans, Builds Positive Brand Image, and Increases Site Links. Challenge:  Along with companies investing in more traditional web marketing activities like SEO, PPC and conversion optimization, Social Media has become a major component to marketing strategy as a whole. Beacon Technologies began social media efforts for an [...] read more »

Jennifer Calogero

What is UX and Why Does it Matter for Your Customers?

User experience (or UX) can be a little difficult to define because it describes not only a professional practice but also the results of that practice. The concepts behind user experience have been around for a very long time but the term itself has only been around since the 90s. In the mid 20th century [...] read more »

Logan Ray

Why You Should Use List Segmentation in Email Marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get in front of your customers/prospects, and is frequently recognized as the channel with the best ROI. According to research, 91% of consumers use email at least once a day, and 48% (which is probably higher now) of emails are opened on a mobile device – which [...] read more »

Annette Fowler

AspDotNetStorefront 9.5 – Exploring the new release

I recently had the opportunity to set up a brand new eCommerce store with AspDotNetStorefront Version 9.5 (released in January 2015) and have the following review. Please note that some of these features may have been available in versions before 9.5, but they were new to me. Stuff that I like (love?) Admin site user interface- Just WOW! [...] read more »

Logan Ray

3 Ways Personas Help Build a Better User Experience

Redesigning a website isn’t easy, cheap, or fast- so don’t rush into it and build out your new site without fully understanding your primary user base. Google Analytics and heat maps can give you a lot of information about how people are currently (and historically) engaging with your website, but these tools don’t reveal too much about [...] read more »

Rick Boccard

2014 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development

The new Jacksonville State University website launched almost a year ago, but the accolades continue to roll in.  Beacon and the awesome team at JSU partnered up last spring on the redesign and development of a new responsive design of the primary .EDU and news websites.  These sites turned out great.  The design team worked [...] read more »