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Beacon Completes The ALS Icebucket Challenge

The Beacon Technologies team (from Denver, CO to Greensboro, NC) completed the Icebucket Challenge benefiting ALS. We had a great time doing this video and participating as a team. We also donated money on behalf of all Beacon employees. For more information on the Icebucket Challenge and how to help out, please visit We would [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Adding Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to Your Website

Want to achieve crisp graphics for high resolution displays? There is a simple way saving the image(s) as .SVG. This allows the image to retain the true clarity when changing web resolutions. The SVG files work in all browsers except IE8 and lower. There are ways around by implementing GoogleChromeFrame. Good thing is that most [...] read more »

Brad Henry

Salesforce Google Analytics Integration: GAFUSION

GAFUSION is the best Salesforce Google Analytics integration product available. And here is why. There are a couple of products and methods for “integrating” Salesforce and Google Analytics but none of them provide the full level of automation, insights, reporting capabilities, and ease of implementation as GAFUSION. This is because GAFUSION acts as the matching [...] read more »

Jennifer Calogero

BPR Properties Site Redesign Launch

We are please to announce the launch of a new WordPress site today for BPR Properties. BPR Properties is a leader in hotel construction and management as well as land development.  This site leveraged a WordPress theme that featured lots of large imagery to show off their property portfolio. WordPress will give them the ability [...] read more »

Austin Fadely

Creativity Is Not a Commodity

I love working in web design. The pace of innovation and change is staggering, and the way we share information and innovate is unrivaled at any point in human history. The web breeds both collaboration and competition with people from all over the world. I believe the internet is the only true free market in [...] read more »

Josh Combs

How To Preserve and Archive Your Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Myspace Profiles

In this day and age nearly everyone has a digital footprint of some sort on Twitter, Facebook, Google,  or even the more old school such as Myspace. All of that data, perhaps much to our chagrin, is floating out there for nearly anyone including you to access whenever and wherever you prefer. So how do [...] read more »

Jennifer Calogero

How to Plan Responsive Breakpoints

Typically people think about breakpoints in responsive designs in terms of typical screen size, and it usually works out to something like this: 1024 pixels wide—Full desktop and full-size tablets. 768 pixels wide—Tablets 320 pixels wide—Mobile phones These breakpoints are extremely simplified way of describing what is actually done. In reality, devices come in a [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

Quick Guide for some great CSS Tools

Want to make image free gradients, borders or box shadows quickly? You can with this CSSmatic site, a non-profit project made by developers. It does a great job with customizations to fit what you are looking to achieve. Each tool is easy to understand with slider or direct input values for quick code generation. Gradients [...] read more »

Austin Fadely

The Rise of Wearable Tech and Microsurfing

I’m incredibly excited about the rising popularity of wearable tech. In my own lifetime, I’ve seen the the Internet become a household tool, the rise of laptops, cellphones, smartphones, tablets, etc. A mere decade ago, nobody could have imagined the pervasive sweeping changes that were to take place. We can now take pictures and videos, [...] read more »

Annette Fowler

Motivating Your Team

I couldn’t agree with this article (Random Acts of Recognition – Motivating your Team Regularly) more and am going to try very hard to implement some of these ideas with my team at Beacon.  In our shop, food is always a great motivator and a way to celebrate a project success, but I like the [...] read more »