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Richard Rossi

Sub-domains vs. sub-directories – which is better for seo?

It’s easy to recognize the difference between sub-domains and sub-directories. When creating sub-domains, the new section name is placed immediately in front of the primary domain name, separated by a dot. So if my site is, I can create a sub-domain specific to one type of mascot by creating the url Dogs is [...] read more »

Jordan Burleson

National High Five Day: April 17, 2014

Do you have any idea what tomorrow is? NATIONAL HIGH FIVE DAY! Here at Beacon, we like being in the know about special events, holidays and all-around fun activities. Because of this, we are very excited to take part in tomorrow’s National High Five Day! So I encourage each of you reading this post, as [...] read more »

Jennifer Calogero

The Ripple Effect in the Design Process

When I learned to paint, my teacher would always emphasize the importance of working the entire canvas at the same time. A lot of people have the natural inclination to zero in on the small area they are currently working on, and really develop it before working out to the rest of the piece. The [...] read more »

Josh Combs

How Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies Have Illuminated Collaborative Computational Tasks

Cryptocurrencies are not really a very new thing. They have been around in various forms now for several years, but have gained popularity with Bitcoins which were the first cryptocurrencies to be traded back in 2009. Rather than start a post about that, I wanted to look at a different point that has been trending [...] read more »

Annette Fowler

A High School Senior’s Advice for University Websites

It feels like my high school senior and I have digested hundreds of university websites in the last two years in the quest to find her “perfect school”. She’s finally settled on one (GO WILDCATS!) and with that decision made, I recently asked her suggestion on a university website feature that really was helpful or [...] read more »

Garrett Osepchuk

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Web Design

I spend a lot of time inside and outside of work studying design. I think it gets to a point for everyone where design becomes difficult to ignore, as it influences our every day decisions. It’s important to understand design elements and how they not only affect you on a day to day basis, but [...] read more »

Tiffany May

Placeholder Images – The easy button

Ever hate having to find various stock or other imagery to fill in example image placeholders in earlier design/development stages? The easy button has arrived! – No more saving and moving and uploading. In fact if the size changes you will never even open up image editing software! All you have to do [...] read more »

Beacon News

Website Updates For Fall Semester – Start Now!

Time to Plan Fall Website Updates Popular fall initiatives include: Responsive redesigns Updates to news and events functionality Google Analytics configurations, SEO Assessments Responsive retrofits (make your current design responsive) Beacon Technologies, Inc.   -   (866) 488-3620

Mark Dirks

Beacon & Bees. Sweet.

As I learn more about the honey bee, I see a lot in common with Beacon.  Structure.  Dedication.  Teamwork.  Sweet results. In our continuing effort to focus on the environment and community, Beacon has taken up the fight to protect the honey bee population by adopting a new hive.  Tomorrow, our bees officially “move in” [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

Why Good Customer Service is Important

While this should be a no brainer for EVERY business, I have to say I’ve experienced bad customer service more and more recently. It seems like more and more businesses that I deal with have bad customer facing employees within their business. This honestly blows my mind. Have those businesses forgot the first rule of [...] read more »